The Business Development Corporation (BDC) in South Bend, Indiana was proud to celebrate another successful year of SBA 504 lending by recognizing our banking partners who have demonstrated a commitment to providing numerous small businesses in the area with the opportunity to expand their operations and create new jobs throughout the region. In 2015, the BDC funded a total of 20 SBA 504 loans with a total dollar amount of $5.4 million. The success of the BDC and the SBA 504 program relies heavily on our ability to establish and maintain the relationships with our banking partners. Naturally, the BDC was honored to take the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of our partners during 2015. The annual awards were administered to the following:

Lake City Bank – Largest number of SBA 504 approvals

Chase Bank– Largest dollar amount of SBA 504 approvals

Terry Ploetz of Chase Bank – Largest number of SBA 504 approvals

Kent Porter of La Porte Savings Bank – Largest dollar amount for a single SBA 504 loan.